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Digital TV Research provides subscribers with 30+ reports each year – on a global, regional and country level. Our OTT and pay TV forecasts are updated every six months. Our reports reflect this rapidly-changing environment, with in-depth analysis of emerging sectors such as FAST.

Annual subscriptions provide a substantial discount on buying all of the reports individually. Subscribers also receive two mega excel workbooks with all of the forecasts in one place and two presentations/Q&A sessions each year.

We also offer tailor-made mini-subscriptions (to a specific geographic region or particular sector, for example).

Reports are also for sale individually.

Please contact lydia@digitaltvresearch.com for more details.


Extensive coverage 138 Countries

Country forecasts for both pay TV and OTT

(35+ years)

Flexible and customised research

Substantial savings on annual subscriptions

Competitive and reasonable prices

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