Digital TV Research’s September 2023 newsletter

Table of contents:

  1. US OTT moves towards maturity
  2. Asia Pacific OTT revenues to grow by $15 billion
  3. German SVOD overtakes the UK
  4. Latin American AVOD growth to exceed SVOD
  5. Arabic SVOD subscriptions to boom
  6. Eastern Europe to add 27 million SVOD subscriptions
  7. Africa to add 10 million SVOD subscriptions
  8. Netflix subscriber growth by region
  9. Netflix subscriber additions by quarter
  10. Netflix monthly ARPU by region
  11. Disney+ subscriber growth per quarter
  12. Disney+ ARPU growth per quarter
  13. Warner Bros Discovery subscribers
  14. Paramount+ subscriber growth
  15. Viaplay subscriber growth
  16. RTL Group SVOD subs growth
  17. Liberty Global/LLA subscribers
  18. Vodafone Europe subscribers
  19. Orange Europe subscribers

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